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A native of New York City and currently based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Daniel began playing music at a young age developing his craft in drum corps activities and military bands. His technical skills and unique sound are the results of formal study and years of experience performing on stages worldwide. Daniel performs and records with Norbert Stachel, Pablo Batista, and others locally and abroad. With an undergraduate degree in music performance and a graduate degree in education, Daniel connects his love for drumming with a deep interest in positive social-emotional and mental health. In his workshops, Daniel strives to teach students how to access and express their authentic voice. "It's about rhythm, but it's not all about the drums," and students gain more than just drumming skills. To learn how Daniel can contribute to your project or schedule live drum sessions or lessons, please reach out. When you feel good, you sound good. Bio
Shades of the Bay
Elephant In Da Room
Tom Hamilton
500 Miles High
Joanie Samra
Newberry's Victorian Cornet Band
My Lucille
Newberry's Victorian Cornet Band
On Broadway
Coates Brass Band
Wishing You Were There
Mark Murphy featuring Tom Harrell
Joanie Samra and Jesse Green
Scott Mebus
Joe Cano
Ray Gooliak
Scott Mebus
Rhoda Agin and friends
Ted Compehos Gallery Gallery

Daniel Gonzalez (drumiel)

Daniel is happy to be a Red Cymbal Artist. Red Cymbals is an Australian company whose cymbals are meticulously handcrafted in Istanbul Turkey using methods that are part of a time-honored tradition, spanning some 4 centuries. Red Cymbals cares about the creative people who play them by promoting and supporting positive mental health and well-being by donating to mental health initiatives and building a supportive worldwide community around musicians. About


Drums, Percussion. Performance, Instruction.

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